Our Bee's at Indian Creek

As part of the Abad and Shamar Gardening initiative, Indian Creek has also received a grant to begin beekeeping on our grounds. 

As part of the beekeeping grant, The Bedford Beekeepers association and Indiana Beekeepers association paid for all the start-up equipment and a full colony of bees. 

Camp Director Jordan has been working with local mentor and beekeeping relatives to learn and grow in beekeeping experience. Scroll down for more info about how the bee's will be used to help everyone Connect-Refresh-Grow with Jesus and others at Indian Creek. 

How can we feel safe?

We understand that not everyone will feel safe around the bees. It will always be an optional programming activity for only those who want to (with a parent signature for minors). Campers and guests who do want to observe will be given the opportunity after a short training, and a full outfit of protective clothing and equipment. And any lessons done near the bee hives will be done with caution and under the observation of an experienced beekeeper. 

Our hives will be inspected regularly, and will be maintained to be docile colonies. If there is ever fear of an aggressive hive, it will be managed accordingly to provide the safest situation for campers and guests. 

How does it serve camp?

      Our hive (and in the future we will continue to add hives) will produce wax and honey, which can be processed and used as camp store merchandise items (think honey sticks, or honey infused candy), donor thank you gifts (think organic candles, and raw natural honey). 

      The biggest benefit of the bees will be their hard work of pollination. The bees will serve our camp grounds well in pollenating the Abad and Shamar Gardens, in addition to the native plan groves we are growing, and newly planted fruit tree and flower patches. All of these spaces and places will be used for beauty and growth as we share in the creation and sustenance of God. 

      Finally our hives serve the surrounding area by pollenating plants in a 3 mile radius. The nearby homesteaders and farmers (including Feldun-Purdue Agricultural Center) will benefit greatly.