Who is eligible?

Children and Youth (ages 5-18)...

1) who have previously been a part of an Angel Tree Christmas program

2) who live in a household where a caregiver or relative is currently incarcerated

3) who are a part of foster care program due to incarcerated caregiver

4) have a parent or immediate relative who is incarcerated and their living situation is being affected

(Criteria is reviewed on a case by case process, if you are unsure, please go ahead and apply, check the box to be considered for Angel Tree Scholarship, and Indian Creek will work with you on pricing even if your camper is not eligible for Angel Tree pricing)

How are these campers treated?

At Indian Creek, we treat Angel Tree campers in the exact same way that we do every other camper. While all pertinent information about living situation is passed along to the session director, and Cabin Leader, that information is not shared in any other way. Each camper will feel safe to discuss their living situation, or the burdens of their life at their own will, and will not be forced to discuss it if they don't wish. 

Each camper will be treated with dignity, respect, and Love no matter their background or current life situation. A camper will never be singled out based on their current or past life struggles, and will be given freedom to share their story only if/when they wish. 

How much does the Angel Tree Scholarship cover?

The Angel Tree Scholarship is applicable to all camper sessions (1 per camper/per year) 2 nights or more, for all campers 5 years old - 18 years old.
The scholarship covers the entire camper fee except $35/camper. Once the parent (or sponsoring church/person) pays that $35 registration fee, the rest of the campers fee's are covered by the Angel Tree Scholarship. 

Click HERE or click the Dates & Prices table image to download a PDF version of the Information flyer for Angel Tree prices. 

Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship

You can learn more about Angel Tree partnerships by visiting their website. Your church could sponsor local children and youth who are enduring guardian incarceration by giving them Christmas gifts, and sharing the Love and Grace of Jesus during the Christmas season.