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Cabin Remodeling Projects

As our buildings have seen years of weather and heavy summer use, the time has come to remodel some of our cabins.

Each cabin has a story behind why it was built, who funded it, and who helped build it. But you can help us continue that story. 

Look below to learn more about the cabins we're remodeling, and what they need. 

Or Scroll all the way to the bottom and see pictures of all the work that needs to be done. 

If we band together as associations, it will be an easy project to complete. 

Join us in making everything better at Indian Creek, and Give today!

Evansville Cabins - 

Bartle and Beaty

These cabins, built in the 80's, are ready for a full remodel. We hope you'll consider helping us get ready this spring. You can give financially, or you can provide your time and skills to help us complete the project. 

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Sargent and Toole Cabin

Funded by a private donor, and built with the help of local camp volunteers, this cabin is ready for a big update. After a new roof was put on in 2016, the rest of the cabin, especially the windows and doors, are in need of remodeling to match the cabins around it. Would you help us fund and repair this cabin?

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Union Association Cabin

Funded and built with the help of the Union Association, these cabins are ready for a major update. While we already have a new roof, there is still much work to be done to bring this cabin into good standing with those around it. 


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