Camp Connect - Session information

This portion of our site is still under construction - We're updating this information daily. 

  • Grown Up Camp Connect

    This session - (Date TBD) will be full of times to Connect-Refresh-Grow together with other camp alumni!

    There will lots of online content and a care package for you too! 
    Learn more about everything Grown Up Camp Connect has to offer, and learn more about how to register, just click the image. 

  • Explorer/Discovery/First Timers

    This session will be for our littlest campers and will be a great introduction to what Camp is all about!

    If you have already registered for one of these sessions, please click HERE to view the schedule for this session. 

  • Girls Camp

    A great chance for girls to be themselves without the distraction of those crazy boys! This session is led by a few amazing women of God, who will share with your young ladies what it means to be a daughter of God. 

  • Senior High

    When these years are your most formative and challenging, and now we've added the loss and chaos of a global pandemic. Senior High will be a time of refreshing engagement with your camp family. Deepen your relationship with the One who offers Peace during this storm, and have fun while we grow together. 

  • Boys Camp

    How to be a man of God is more important now than it ever has been. We need men who will lead with kindness, Grace, and the Servant leadership of Jesus. Boys camp will focus on what it means to be a fun loving, scripture knowing, Grace showing man of God. 

  • Focus

    If we've all been home for some time, we've had the chance to learn a new talent, or grow in the talents we already have. This is a session for campers to Focus on the talents and gifts that God has given them, and how those gifts can be used for God's glory. 
    Join new directors Adam and Megan on the adventure of learning how to Focus.

  • Challenge

    Middle school is one of the most difficult times to learn and grow about who you are. Join us as we grow together through this Challenge, and understand who Jesus is, and how He looks at us with Love greater than anything we can ever experience. 

  • Edna Martin Christian Center

    A part of the summer experience for members of Edna Martin Christian Center. This session will be guided by the leaders you know and love from the Center as we focus on what it means to be Rescued and Free

  • Special Persons

    A session that is always so full of love and fun! We are working hard to build a session that we can reach all of our special needs campers where they are from home. More information coming soon!