Camp Connect - FAQ's

  • How much will it cost?

    The base price for Camp Connect is $50/camper - Ever session will have a different assortment of content online, and a packaged delivered the week before your session. 

    You are also able to support camp with gifts above and beyond the $50 fee

    $150 - gets you all Camp Connect experiences plus supports our Camp Connect efforts this summer

    $270 - gets you all Camp Connect experiences plus supports our camping ministry this summer and beyond!
    (all money received above each $50 fee is a tax deductible gift) 

    Click the money image to see a full description of pricing options. 

  • What will my camper receive

    While every session will be different, each camper will receive an assortment of the items below. Please review the Camp Connect Session Page to learn more about your session. 

    Virtual content will consist of - Live meeting groups, live worship sessions, recorded messages, recorded Bible study lessons, recorded or live activity workshops, and more. (most of this content can be recorded and shipped to you via a DVD or Flash drive if internet use is an issue)

    Care packages will contain - A camp T-shirt, age appropriate camp merchandise, ICBC coloring sheets, craft or activity kit, and more!

  • When will my session happen?

    Each session will follow the week that it was previously scheduled, (except for Special Persons). You can view our tentative schedule HERE

  • My question is...

    If you have a question not answered above (we're adding new one's daily), please email us HERE and we will answer you asap!