Session Theme Nights

Each session will have a special evening activity one night to have a costume party and enjoy all Camp has to offer. Check out your theme night below, and be sure to pack a costume or prop for your theme night. 

  • Explorer/Discovery - Theme Night Candy Land

    Bring a candy theme costume or prop, and we're going to play some giant Candy themed games!

  • Girls Camp - Slumber Party

    Each cabin will have a themed decoration for their cabin and the girls will rotate from place to place enjoying all kinds of camp activities and slumber party fun. Comfy PJ's are your best bet for a costume!

  • Senior High - 1990's Decade

    Everything cool and awesome from 1990-1999! Boy Bands and pop diva's, the greatest cartoons of our generation, and so much more. Find your favorite costume from the 90's's and get ready for a sweet party. 

  • Boys Camp - Medieval Times

    Knights and Jesters and Kings and more! Bring a costume or prop from medieval times and we'll have all kinds of fun and games. 

  • Focus Camp - 4th of July

    We'll have a firework show and lots of plain 'ole fourth of July games. Campers are encouraged to bring any NON-POLITICAL 'Murica costumes or swag. 

  • Challenge Camp - TBD

    We're still working out the details before we release the final theme night plans for this session. 

  • Special Persons

    Aloha friends! Bring a grass skirt and your favorite lei (more will be provided), We'll have a full luau with dancing, games, and more!

  • Edna Martin CC - Olympics

    Each cabin will make up their own country, and will compete in the Olympic games during the retreat. No need for costumes or props.