Back to Normal - 2022 Health and Safety Guidelines

In 2022, we are well on our way to being back to a more normal camp experience. Below are the updated guidelines for 2022. PLEASE NOTE: All guidelines are subject to change at any time, based on the guidance from Indiana State Department of Health, and Lawrence County Health Department. 

Guidelines subject to change

All listed guidelines are subject to change at any point based on the following variables.

  • Changes to Heath Dept. suggested or regulated guidelines
  • Confirmed positive test from person at camp
  • recognized symptoms from someone at camp
  • insufficient staffing due to illness
  • drastic increase in local cases, resulting in implemented local mandates for large group gatherings. 

If guidelines change at any point, ICBC and it's leadership will communicate immediately and regularly with families who have recently attended, and all families who are scheduled to attend. 


Masks will not be required on camp grounds - except in the Directors house, and main camp office*. 

However we do want anyone in attendance to feel safe and comfortable to wear a mask at their comfort and desire. 

Masks will be available for use in all the cabins, and main camp buildings for anyone who wishes to use a mask at any time (just ask an adult or staff member)

*The Directors (Mindy and Jordan Morris), and their children will often wear masks in public spaces, especially indoors, as continued protection against Covid, and other illnesses. While this is a personal decision due to a family health concern, we ask that everyone respect our private spaces by wearing a mask if entry in necessary. (Directors private spaces are our house, and main camp office)

Camper and Volunteer screening

All cabin leaders, volunteers and campers will receive a verbal screening upon entry to Camp grounds. Click HERE to view the questionnaire ahead of time.

As we have done for decades, campers will also receive a temperature  and lice screening upon arrival to Camp.

2nd Screening - after 2 days at camp, all volunteers and campers will receive a quick "check-up" screening consisting of temperature check, and a few questions about their overall health and wellbeing. Campers who are screened out during the second screening may be tested for Covid at Camp (with parental permission), or dismissed from Camp with a request to be tested for Covid. 

  • Anyone who is screened out will be dismissed from Camp, and the appropriate contingency plan will be enacted. 

Sanitizing and preparation

Indian Creek will continue with increased sanitizing procedures throughout our grounds and facilities. 

Campers and Volunteers will also be encouraged towards proper hygiene and illness prevention practices like handwashing and surface sanitizing in an increased manner. 

Contingency planning

Indian Creek Leadership will have numerous contingency plans in place based on the different situations that could occur this season. We will make every effort to keep campers at Indian Creek, in the event of a Covid outbreak (or other illness), we may be required to dismiss some or all campers. 

Indian Creek may ask for vaccination information of our volunteers and campers (when age appropriate), for tracking purposes only. Campers will not receive any different care or experience based on their vaccination status, and only the camp director, session director, and session nurse will have access to vaccination information