Retreats and Events

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  • Day of Service

    April 29th

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  • Summer Camp

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Cabin Leader Training

We'll be offering several cabin leader training events this year.

March 18th                     April 8th                             April 22nd

May 13th                        May 20th                 

These events will be great for the person thinking about being a cabin leader for the first time, or somebody who has been a cabin leader for many many years. 

You'll have the chance to connect with other cabin leaders and learn from their successes and mistakes, learn about new rules and policy updates, plan for our summer theme and activities, and receive new resources for great cabin leading success. 

All 2017 cabin leaders must attend one of these events before cabin leading a session of camp.

day of Service

Saturday - April 29th

Our annual Day of Service is a wonderful day of fellowship and serving. We are so proud that so many families and group show up to help us prepare the grounds for the summer ahead

We'll have every type of project available, and for all skill level. We want everyone to be involved. You will have the opportunity to choose the project you'd like to work on, and its always amazing to seem teams of people from all of our different churches and camp families working together.

Projects available include but are not limited to:

  • gardening and landscaping
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • small building projects
  • cleaning
  • organizing
  • painting
  • tree cutting
  • log splitting
  • hauling and moving
  • and more